halfling oracle


Rilka grew up in the same frontier village as Tondal, and they were very close friends from childhood.
An unfortunate accident blinded her at the age of 12.
When her parents were killed in an attack on the village a year later she was taken in by a nearby temple of Erastil.
After five years of devout living and prayer she recieved a vision from Erastil, yelling her to head out into the world to help people in need. When she woke up, she had regained some of her sight and several other powers. It only took her a few months to learn all the priests could teach her about healing, after which she gathered her belongings and bid them farewell.

Two years later she heard of a fetchling nation called Gnarlia ruled by a halfling called Tondal. She decided to visit him and soon found that the affection of old still burned within both of them.


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