Tondal Freeleaf

halfling cavalier


str 14, dex 16, con 12, int 10, wis 10, cha 16

rides a wolf, loves charging enemies with his lance


Grew up in a small farming community and was completely awed by a travelling knight that saved the village from a band of robbers. but, being a halfling he decided that his wolf, which he found as an abandoned pup, would make for a much cooler mount than any horse (or pony, in this case) ever could.
When he came of age he left his village in a quest to rid the world of evil and ended up in brevoy when he heard of a group of adventurers trying to rid the stolen lands of unwanted occupants. He decided to join them and ended up keading them as the first ruler of the newly fletched barony of Gnarlia

Tondal Freeleaf

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